Sight-seeing Tour by Helicopter –
your travel experience of a life time.

Transwisata also offers to you a Sight-seeing Tour (Scenic Joy Flight) from Ujung Kulon National Park – lowland rainforest in Java, home of the endangered Java Rhino, the steaming Cracatoa (Krakatau) Volcano, beautiful beaches, resorts, and ideal diving spots at the Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) to cultural conservation of the Baduy /Badui people – an isolated tribe who live in peace leading a simple life blending with nature without the influence of modern culture and technology. It will be an experience so unique and attractive.

Our pilot can hold a hover for the next best thing to being on the ground. All helicopter tours can easily include a landing stop outside the national park or refuge for lunch, beach-combing, or whatever; we just have to plan it as a custom tour. Tour with Transwisata offers to you – an experience you will never forget

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